Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Autumn / Winter 2011 things arriving...

This time, it's ELM, a clothing company from Iceland.

Our camera wasn't cooperating today, so I'm sorry in advance for the cruddy pictures. However, despite the pictures, the clothes are STUNNING! And, Oh my goodness, the possibilities!

Where to begin?

For one thing there are seemingly endless ways of wearing this skirt:

1. Wear it with the back off to the side to give it an asymmetrical look.

2.  Or, button some of the hidden buttons on the inside of the
skirt for a bubbly effect! In this photo, I also threw on a really awesome mini skirt/circle scarf (also part of the new collection) around the mannequin's waist to give the outfit even more dimension.

3. Here is the mini skirt pictured as a circle scarf/cape!

4. Here is the the skirt de-bubbled and paired with a very cute zip-up jacket.

5.  And here is another skirt from the collection! This one's really cool because you can put the little drapey bit in front of the skirt (as pictured here) or you can move it and wear it in back!

6. And finally, here is the worst picture of the most amazing coat, ever!!!! Thanks to all of the buttons on this coat, the possibilities are endless! It's gorgeous, I can't emphasize it enough- and thanks to the bad picture, you really do have to come in and see it for yourself!
So, come in and take a look before it's gone :)

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