Friday, October 21, 2011

Fashion Week 2011

This past Sunday, we participated in Rochester's Fashion Week event "Runway at the Runway" and it was SO fun! I got to go backstage and assist Jenn in dressing the models during the very short intermission. Scott Miller and his crew were making the models look even more beautiful than they were to begin with and various Fashion Week coordinators were running around like crazy but were having lots of fun. It was very exciting to say the least! Here are a bunch of pictures I "snapped" with Jenn's cellphone. Hope you enjoy-- even though they're a bit blurry!

Before we all started running around, Jenn took a quick shot of her daughter, Meredith and me.

Alix Northrup and her husband, Jules were there - so cute!

 Aww! Our model Julia looking very Annie Hall-esque and really adorable in Lilith:

Here's one of Saundra, another beautiful model, backstage right before the show also all dressed up in Lilith:

 Here are Kay (left) and Cynthia (right) looking awesome! Kay's dressed in Transparente and Cynthia's dressed in Ubu.

Here's lovely Anne dressed in a beautiful reversible Ubu coat:

 The intermission is almost over and Jenn is making her final adjustments:

Taking one last look...

And one final quick adjustment:

Alright, enough of backstage- let the show begin! I immediately ran back to my seat and held up my little phone and started snapping:

R.P.O.'s conductor was aaammmazing!

And here's the finale...

So again, sorry for the blurry pictures! If you made it to the event, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.... and if you didn't, I hope to see you there next year!

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