Monday, March 5, 2012

More photos from the Lilith 2012 Spring event...

So, here are some more photos from the Lilith event this past weekend...

And another shot of my favorite socks! They come in black and white, too!

The striped collection is really cute! There are tops, skirts, leggings, and arm warmers in the striped fabric.

And here are one of the arm warmers on.

 And here is a really pretty bracelet in the collection!

And then the day just transitioned right into the First Friday art show we had here featuring Judy Gohringer's beautiful and colorful abstract paintings. We ended up having an incredible turnout filled with great people! Such a long, fun day!

Here is the artist, Judy (center), with Tommy Plantone (far left) and Jenn (right) - taken at the beginning of the opening. 

My personal favorite:

More photos to come of the art opening!!...

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