Thursday, December 29, 2011

Featured Designer of the month: Robin Kaplan

In store exclusive: 
We're carrying a new line by this amazing designer from California. Her name is Robin Kaplan and she's the epitome of an art-to-wear designer. She hand dyes her clothes using a process she's invented herself and sews various pieces of the finest French tulle, Italian linen, silk chiffon, and crocheted lace together to make some of the most beautiful and unique pieces we have ever seen. According to her website, the fabrics are selected for their tactile nature, and it is believed that the texture of clothes can invoke a feeling: "Audacious yet fanciful, our garments are designed for the woman with an adventurous intelligence and a fervent femininity."

Check out her beautiful buttons:
We have two of her cardigans in at the moment that feature these hand-blown buttons.

See all of these photographs and more on her website:
And come in to see some of her beautiful pieces in person!

P.S. Phyllis directed me to Robin's great website which inspired this post. Thank you Phyllis!

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