Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Photos from the 18th Annual Park Avenue Open House

So, for those of you who don't know, I walk to work. It takes a long time, and often times I'll walk a different way because wiggling through all the different little streets in between South Clinton and Park Ave is one million times more fun than the straight shot down South to Alexander to Park. Anyway,  what I'm getting at is that the minute I turn onto Park Ave, I always half expect there to be something happening in front of the boutique... but most of the time, all the commotion and crazy fun is contained within our little boutique. But last Thursday was different, I turned from Rowley onto Park and discovered Jenn and Phyllis struggling with our pretty red tent. The classic comedy act continued as I approached and was then recruited to join the act as soon as I was spotted. I wonder if anyone driving by appreciated "The three chic stooges" performance art piece?? Any way.... the first photo depicts the tent from within the cozy warm confines of 2 chic where I was letting my hands defrost, however momentarily.

Behold! Our christmas light collection:

 I title the following series "Patty, the Martha Stewart of Park Avenue, observed in her element."

 Jenn lending a hand...

 Looking a bit more festive...

 It was such a pretty late fall/early winter afternoon...

Jenn's son Garrett and the lighting of the candles:

Please note the massive quality of cheese and veggie plates on the counter, and there are more in our back room!

 So festive, it's not even funny!
 Adorable Pompillion puppy named Addie Elizabeth. Fun Fact #1: Pompillion's are the only small dog on the top 10 smartest dogs in existance list!
 Who needs a fur scarf when there are arorable dogs who enjoy being wrapped around your neck?!
 Miss. Sheila Trumble, professional dancer and teacher stopped in and gave us a great demonstration of her skills!

 She looked so beautiful in this hat, she had to buy it!
 So many people in our little boutique!
 Yay! festive street musisians!

 Check out the hustle bustle of Park Ave!
 Missy Meredith striking a pose :)
 Cute little boy smiling for the camera in his cool coat!
 And here's Jenn! This was taken right before things started to calm down for the night.

What fun! This was my first Park Ave Holiday Open House... we couldn't have asked for a better turnout, and the weather, although a bit chilly, couldn't have been any better. If it were any warmer, it wouldn't have felt like the holidays :

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