Friday, November 30, 2012

19th Annual Park Ave Holiday Open House!

Some say that after the fourth of July, the summer flies by. 
And some say that after Thanksgiving, everything goes down hill.

Well ,here we go! We're face-to-face with the time of year humans have always struggled to survive. It gets dark early and gets light late. It's cold freezing. You have to dress in 3-5 layers. Driving becomes extra scary. And you always lose one your favorite gloves, etc. etc. etc.

But Old Man Winter also forces us to count our blessings: the glittery snow on a sunny winter day, a lovely shelter you call home, central heating and fireplaces, family and friends, and lots and lots of sales.

So, here we go!
Let's be brave.
And stay positive whenever possible.
And when all else fails, you can always come on down to 2 Chic Boutique
 for a little retail therapy. 

With all of these things said, here are some photos of the event that, for all of us here on Park Avenue, really marks the beginning of this extra special season....

The 19th Annul Park Avenue 
Holiday Open House!

Exhibit A: Noma Bliss and her friend Meegan redid  our windows for the season. We LOVE them! And to add a bit more of a holiday-y feel we decided to stick two little artificial Christmas trees outside for the evening. 

Poinsettia: check!

Pretty candle and cookies: check!

Up close shot of the windows...

Holiday styling complete!
Bring on the crowds!

P.S. Notice anything different?
Besides the fact that it's already dark at 6:10 (see blue clock), we had to move our little Christmas trees inside because of the crazy wind... burr!

Oh well..still looks pretty!

Hooray! Carolers!! 

... and the crowds began to gather....

...and gather!

My favorite part of the Holiday Open House is how Park Avenue begins to look and feel like a bustling little city center. It's so wonderful!

I spy Santa!

And two more Santas!

And one last Santa!

And here are the Santa carolers... they are amazing!

random people started dancing...

Here are the beautiful candles Stacy K had done... soooo pretty!

And my favorite neighborhood window... Peppermint!
I talked with Tanvi and her window theme was "Home."

...and it is SO home-y. Just the site of little figurine villages make me all warm and fuzzy inside :)

...I spy another Santa!

Holy mittens! Fun, cozy, and cute.
If you're looking for a great little gift for someone this holiday season, you have to stop by Peppermint!

And Peppermint staff were roasting chestnuts on an open fire :)

And then my camera battery ran out of juice. 


If you missed the Holiday Open House, do not fret! There's always next year. 

So until next time, bundle up, and try and stay warm and cozy!

And come in any time for our store wide sales and a cup of tea :)

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