Thursday, November 15, 2012

Calendar of upcoming events:

So, in retail, the approaching holiday times means one very important thing: SALES!

Here's a calendar of our upcoming sales that will take you and your pocketbook into 2013:


Friday, November 16th : Fish Bowl Friday!
Come and have a grand old time fishing for a coupon in our fishbowl. 
We're adjusted the odds, and now you have a 25% chance 
of drawing out a 50% off coupon!

Friday, November 23rd : Black Friday!
If you're not up for braving the crowds at the mall, come and enjoy our store-wide sale!
Discounts up to 70% off !


Wish List Month...All month long!
Create a wish list with us for your family and/or significant other, and if they come in to purchase anything for you off your list, they will enjoy an additional 10% off the already marked-down price!

Thursday, December 27th : Liquidation Day!!!!

If we had an awesome font to use to portray the meaning of "liquify" - I would use it in this situation.
But since we don't, please just try and imagine the melting of existing sale prices into almost nothing.. 
because that's how it's going to look around here until....
E V E R Y T H I N G  H A S   S O L D ! !

We're talking everything, people!

(Well, except any brand new pieces of clothing that are in at that time)

All pre-existing clothing will be marked down to at least 50% off!!


And then who knows what kind of other sales we'll be cooking up after New Years...


:) but until then, Happy Shopping :)

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